Camp is really, really fun.

And it's been fun for more than 80 years now. That's a lot of fun.

At Camp Dark Waters you'll go fishing, practice canoeing, try ultimate frisbee, play capture the flag, build a campfire, tell stories, swim, learn to make a lizigator...check out even more activities.

Meet some of the staff you'll get to spend time with.

A lot of kids take part in our Trailblazers or Canoeing program.

Have questions? Maybe we have the answers here.

Camper Handbook
Camper Handbook

Learn even more about Camp Dark Waters by clicking the icon above to check out our Camper Handbook!

Camp is special.

Upside Down Camper

Camp is really special because of the friends you make. You'll get a chance to meet kids your age, like the other campers in your cabin. Lots of campers look forward to seeing each other summer after summer as well as meeting new campers.

"My favorite part about camp was the people"


"My favorite part of camp is meeting new friends, the canoeing program, the Trail Blazers program and and hanging out with the people in my cabin."


Check out our Camp Songbook!


More smiling campers


Countdown to Camp!

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