Campers: Schedule

Our schedule has a structure, but allows for lots of choices every day. There's also plenty of free time to play and hang out with new friends. Below is a sample schedule, what one day at camp might look like. Check it out! Don't forget, you get to pick the activity that shounds like fun each assembly!

7:30 Wake Up Kayaking
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Crew Duties
9:00 Cabin Clean-up
9:45 1st Assembly and Activities
  Ultimate Frisbee
  Clay Running Campers
  Sand castles
10:45 Transition Time
11:00 2nd Assembly and Activities
  Candle Making
  Trailblazers: Fire building
  Canoeing Dirty Campers
  Drama Games
12:00 Free Time
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Crew duties, games, canoeing.
2:00 Rest Hour
3:00 3rd Assembly and Activities Happy Campers
  Creek Float
  Frisbee Golf
  String Bracelets
4:00 Transition Time
4:15 4th Assembly and Activities
  Basketball Campers lined up
  Climbing Wall
  Pool Games
  Kick the Can
  Swamp Stomp!!
5:15 Free Time
5:45 Dinner
6:15 Crew duties, games, canoeing. Everyone smile
7:00 Evening program.
8:30 Prepare for bed
9:00 Taps, lights out, campers read to campers.

One activity period each day will be swimming lessons.

Horseback riding is once a day, during an activity period.



Countdown to Camp!

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