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Most people think of camp happening only during the summer. In reality, without the hard work of our Year-Round Staff 10 months out of the year, the two months during the summer wouldn't happen. As soon as one summer ends, we start putting together all of the pieces to make next summer happen!

Travis at Hilton Head

Travis with tounge out


Travis and Tammy Wedding

Travis in Hilton Head

Travis as Captain Planet

Travis and Gorilla

Travis Simmons

Executive Director

2000 - Present

Travis began his camp career as a five year old day camper. He's either gone to or worked for a camp every summer since except for the summer he turned 16. That turned out to be the worst summer of his life and he's sworn never to repeat it!

With more than 25 years of experience working in summer camps, Travis has been a counselor, archery director, waterfront director, unit director and camp director. He's worked at 6 different camps in Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico and New Jersey

In addition to camping, Travis also taught and directed an Outdoor Education School in New England offering week- long residential programs. He also has two years experience supervising adjudicated youth in group homes and two more years working for the Boy's and Girl's Clubs of Indianapolis.

Travis happily married his wife Tammy at the far campfire site in August of 2003.

He's incredibly grateful that his daughter, Kenzie, has the chance to grow up with all of the staff serving as excellent role models for her.



Tim on a slide

Tim on theme day

Tim Eager

Associate Executive Director


Tim started his life in summer camps at the age of 14, pushing the inaugural lawnmower.That was it; his love of the community found in the summer camp world was born.He spent many summers working various positions in the camp, from cook to counselor to administration.

Throughout his time at Nichols College where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration he ran a conference center for an Outdoor Education company, where he first met Travis.

In 2001 he began six wonderful seasons as an Innkeeper of a rustic lodge in the mountains of Massachusetts, where he fostered a love for hiking and fishing.

Dan Ingram in the Camp truck

Dan on theme day

Dan ingram

Dan as a bunny

Dan on theme day




Dan Ingram

Camp Director

2013 - Present

Camp Dark Waters has been a part of Dan's life for a really long time. He began as a camper when he was just six years old! He's been a Counselor, Program Director, Teen Adventure Camp Director, Assistant Camp Director and now Camp Director.

As he takes the reigns of the Summer Program in 2013, Dan says, "Camp Dark Waters is my favorite place in the world. My goal is to continue to improve camp by moving our community forward together. I can only imagine how hard, fun, and rewarding it will be. I do know that the community, culture, and long history of CDW have plenty more to offer me."

"I'm excited to give a full measure of devotion to help bring us together and give all of our campers a brighter future and a richer community."



DeeOhGee Profile

DeeOhGee Sleeping




Lacey Dog

Lacey Dog


Dee-Oh -Gee

Co-Director of

Security and Kisses

2002 - Present

Dee-Oh-Gee takes her security responsibilities seriously. She knows all of the campers and staff. Anytime someone new comes onto the property, she'll "sound the alarm" to let us know.

Dee-Oh-Gee also loves to have her tummy rubbed! If you're willing to give her a pat, she'll be your best friend for life!


Lacy Dog

Co-Director of

Security and Kisses

2011 - Present

Lacy also takes her security duties very seriously. She's always on the lookout for someone new on the property and is quick to let us know.

In between time, Lacy loves to play with campers. Whether it's chasing down balls, frisbees or sticks, Lacy spends most of her days running around with something she's claimed as hers!








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